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Enhancing patient care by providing an identifiable and dedicated place to keep dentures, spectacles and hearing aids safe. Designed to save the NHS money by preventing compensation claims.

Aidsafe is the only solution available to solve the huge problem of lost essential aids. It is a 100% biodegradable & paper recyclable box, customisable to incorporate important health messages or sponsorship.

  • Increases patient independence and confidence in their care
  • Prevents serious detrimental effects to patients, such as isolation
  • Ensures patients are able to take an active part in their care plans
  • Saves valuable staff time
  • Patient label forever links the property to the correct patient
  • Empowers staff to fulfil their duty of care
  • Designed to save the NHS money

About Us

Enhancing patient care by keeping aids safe

Aidsafe Ltd has been set up by Ellen Hutchinson, owner of Effortless Relocation, who have been providing services to the elderly since 2008. During this time she has met innumerable people who have lost items important to them during their hospital stay ...

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