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Hello, my name is Ellen Hutchinson. Since 2008, my company, Effortless Relocation has been assisting elderly members of our community, when they are moving into long term care or making a downsize move. During this time, I have met innumerable people who have lost spectacles, dentures or hearing aids during a stay in hospital or a visit to Accident and Emergency.

It is widely documented that thousands of hearing aids, dentures and glasses go missing each year during a patients stay in hospital, resulting in a huge financial burden to the NHS.

In addition to this, the serious detrimental effects to patients include, confusion, disorientation and isolation. Dignity and self-respect are compromised along with the ability to eat meals, which impacts on nutrition, further impacting on long-term recovery.

Clear communication with Doctors, Nurses and interacting with other patients is an essential part of patient care. Being able to hear and be involved in treatment plans is vital. Otherwise, patients may become withdrawn, causing further deterioration and frustration.

Preventing the loss of crucial aids can greatly improve patients health and well-being during a hospital stay and save trusts a considerable amount of time and money.

We are dedicated to providing a solution to a long standing problem for thousands of patients every year.

Problems which aidsafe will prevent.

  1. Prevent the loss of dentures, hearing aids and glasses.
  2. Save patients time and money.
  3. Reduce the isolation, confusion and disorientation caused by not being able to eat, see and hear effectively.
  4. Save the NHS time and money by reducing the amount of compensation claims and money it pays out as a result.
  5. Patients will be able to communicate with hospital staff.
  6. Prevent hospital staff wasting time looking for lost items.
  7. A low-cost solution to an expensive and extensive problem.

"Enhancing patient care by keeping aids safe"

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